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Tree Menu JavaScript Applet

Cross-browser DHTML tree

Apps Using TreeView
Web File Browser, which creates trees of directories and files
Favorites Manager, which manages links and bookmarks

Treeview JavaScript: the most popular DHTML tree on the net

Layout Flexibility
  • Frame-based or frame-less layouts.
  • Optional and customizable folder and document icons.
  • Option to wrap node text into multiple lines.
  • Option to highlight selected node.
  • Optional tree-state persistency across page loads.
  • Open/close state is tracked separately for multiple trees.
Fast Performance
  • Unlimited hierarchical levels in your tree menu.
  • Fast performance even for trees with thousands of nodes.
  • Expand/collapse does not require slow trip to server.
Cross browser
  • Supports all major browsers/versions/platforms.
  • Does not require Java and the use of cookies is optional.
Easy configuration
  • Quick configuration throught online visual tool.
  • Modular design: make only small, localized changes to your page.
Advanced features
  • Manipulate the tree through exterior buttons and links.
  • Open All / Close All functions.
  • Put JavaScript links in the tree menu.
Optional server integration
  • Optional server-side browsing of files and directories.
  • Optional server-side connection to databases.

The navigation interface is one of the most important pieces of any application. Correctly designed, it lets users find the information they need, easily and quickly.

With a tree menu control, also called treeview, the information is displayed in a hierarchical order, with the home topic at the top and the subordinated items underneath. Beginner users like to use a tree of folders because it is easy to learn; experienced users like it because it is efficient in the number of clicks involved.

Web-based applications can only gain from applying the tree menu to their navigation systems. This was realized by the author back in 1997. As web technology evolved, so did the treeview code. Along the way, the code was completely re-written a few times. The script was quick to evolve and take advantage of developments such as DHTML and DOM. The achieved goal was to improve speed and add features while keeping a high level of cross-browser compatibility and, above all, stability.

Download and configure the latest version of Treeview JavaScript today. It's easy for you to install and easy for your visitors to use.

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